How to Play Heart of Gold by Neil Young

Greetings. If you dig Neil Young then you are going to love this lesson from one of our most popular instructors, Jimmy Dillon, on How to Play Heart of Gold by Neil Young – Heart of Gold Neil Young Chords. Step-by-step video instructions make this super simple. Be sure click the link and get the free included tabs for this lesson and enjoy.


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Hey Jimmy Dillon back with another acoustic lesson. We all know that lick by now that’s the iconic Neil Young with Heart of Gold. I’m going to show you this one because I think it’s a great sort of in the easy style strumming songs, Neil’s famous for those.

Heart of Gold by Neil Young

So for this one it’s basically in the key of G. This starts an E minor, E minor and then a D, it’s kind of all downstrokes and then it comes up to the C to the G, Em and it goes that lick. So although there’s nothing really for two, one, two, three, four, or five counts in it. He makes the most of that thumb and I’ll show you how. So if you get that if you get this feel… that’s a good starting point I think, even though the song itself has C, D, G, and E minor, and then I’m going to go to the chorus.

Alternate Method

Now I wanted to show you another little alternate move here. Now if your if your beginning guitarist or just getting into the guitar, don’t worry about the more advanced stuff that I’m going to show you here, there’s a couple intermediate moves that I want to include in this and I get much more adept in my acoustic lessons, so just check me out and you can see what that’s about.

But in the meantime if you do that E minor that you know by now and we know a D, try doing this D, it’s a little bit of a stretch, but it’ll pay off, you put your second finger, which is the second fret of the E string, low E string, your third finger goes on the second fret of the G string, where it normally wound on the D chord, your gonna have to utilize your pinky here, we go on the third fret of the B string, which is your D, now okay and it sounds like this, listen to it in context, that f-sharp really adds a lot to that voicing, so I’d encourage you if you can do it do this shape. Then as far as you’re as your chord changes in the verse itself, I would encourage you to play this C because it’s a more full, especially if you’re playing acoustic by yourself. Okay so play this, it bears repeating, then G. I choose to do this G, which I like a lot, walking down, that’s a tasty little move, so if you strum it all together it sounds something like this.


So that’s basically the bones of Heart of Gold. If you want to get deeper into it check out my acoustic stuff online and special-sauce as they say that’s how to play Heart of Gold by Neil Young.

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