Percussive Taps in Your Rhythm Playing

Hi folks… Ok here’s a cool technique, just hitting the strings with your fingers/knuckles
to get a percussive sound that can make your rhythm playing swing.

I’ll show you this technique on a cool blues progression from a classic blues song called
Reconsider baby, written by Lowell Fulson and covered by all the
blues greats like B.B. King and Clapton.

I’ll show you a way you can create a full rhythm sound that swings
using these percussive taps. (Not to be confused with the lead
guitar technique called tapping)

Hope you enjoy this video… here’s the chord progression:

There’s a cool diminished chord on in here…check it out! The C7 is just
like a C but your pinky hits the 3 fret on the G string. The other chords
are pretty basic, so if you need help playing chords, check out
my beginner course at out ….

Rock on!

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