How to Do Arpeggio Exercise With Chords On Guitar

Arpeggio Exercise with Chords -- Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Arpeggio Exercise with Chords - Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Hey, how’s it going, guys? My name is John McClennan
and I’m here today with and I want
to show you some great chordal endings you can use to
jazz standards. This sequence of chords, again, demonstrates
something called common tone where it’s a series of chords
that all keep one note in common. This would be a cadence
resolving to the key of F and the common note is F.

We’re going to begin on an E7 flat 9, to an E flat 9,
to a D7 sharp 9, to a D flat 9, to a G minor 7, to a B
flat over C and then finally ending on F major 9 sharp 11.
Let me back up and show you these chords. Be sure to
click the link below for the tab. Here we go.

We’ve got 7-6-7-6; to 6-5-6-6; 5-4-5-6; 9-9-8-6;
notice that six still being on top on all these
common tone, 3-5-5-3-6; 8-8-7-6; and then it’s not
in the last chord because we’ve resolved to the F,
to our home key, so F major 9 sharp 11 is 8-7-9-8-7.
Any one of these chords can be moved, which is one
of the things that’s so great about the jazz voicings,
is a lot of times they’re not using open strings.

All right, be sure to click the link for the tab
for all of those chord shapes below and we’ll see
you in the next lesson. Thanks for watching.

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