martin acoustic guitar

Here´s a little review of my acoustic guitar, it´s a Martin DX1AE

Martin Acoustic Guitar

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here from
Someone asked me about this acoustic that I’m using.
It is a Martin DX1AE. It has a solid spruce top,
rosewood fretboard and what I like about it is the
back of the neck. As you can see it’s got all those
cool layers there.

It’s a Martin. It’s not the most expensive Martin,
but it is a Martin. And it’s got that nice, warm
kind of Martin sound.

That’s one thing that when people talk about acoustic guitars,
they talk about whether it’s warm or bright. So warm means
more bass in the EQ and bright means more treble. So you
always want to have a good balance, obviously, but Martins
are known to be a little more warm, just a little bit
more of that bass in the tone.

It’s a great guitar and I don’t know what else to say
about it. It also has a Fishman piezo pickup, which I
don’t tend to use that often. I just like to play it
unplugged, but you can plug it in as well.

If you want to know about more about acoustic guitar lessons,
really one of the masters is Jimmy Dillon. So you should
check out his course at He also
plays a Martin; probably a little bit nicer one than
this one. Check that out.

I’ll be back with another lesson. This little lesson here,
I just wanted to tell you what kind of guitar I’m using.
Once again, it’s a Martin DX1AE. So that’s all about my
Martin and we’ll catch you next time.

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