How to Play Around With Arpeggios on Guitar

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Now onto today’s topic: Arpeggios.

An arpeggio is a fancy word that simply
means the notes of a chord played seperately.

If you play guitar, then you surely can
play a few guitar chords. Well, this
is a little different because with
arpeggios, you are playing the notes
individually, and not simultaneously.

Arpeggios are a great way to start
getting a really interesting and advanced
sound to your guitar solos.

Let’s say you want to play a killer guitar
solo. Well, the easiest way is probably
to use the pentatonic scale.

Yep, the good ol fashion minor pentatonic
scale is the way to start, and actually
within that scale are arpeggios.

But, that is almost a whole ‘nother topic.
Anyway, scales are the starting point.

After the minor pentatonic scale, you can
try using other scales like the diatonic
major/minor, the harmonic minor, the melodic
minor scale, or other exotic scales.

Arpeggios are a great way to get out of the
scale universe though, and into another
realm. You can closely follow the chord
progression, and play an arpeggio that
matches each underlying chord.

This approach is widely used in jazz guitar.
I show a little bit of this in Killer
Guitar Control secrets (
and you can also check out
if you’re into jazz.

And you can also mix things up by combining
arpeggios with scales.

There are also more advanced techniques such
as sweep picking that allow you play a lot
of fast licks.

Shredders use these sweep arpeggios that
take advantage of economy picking and
produce crazy effects.

If you are into advanced lead guitar and want
to shred with arpeggios, some great arpeggio
lessons can be found here:

Well, I hope this little intro sheds some light
on the mysterious world of arpeggios.

Actually they are not so mysterious once you
start playing around with them. Again,
check out Guitar Control for more info:

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