First of all: make sure you read this interesting new scientific report called:

“The Nervous System Secrets of the World’s Greatest Guitarists”
You can read it by clicking here now

Although, the Guitar Scale System has ZERO to do with self-defense… a lot of people have asked WHO is this mystery “Gladiator”.

Well, here’s the answer…

His name is Christophe Clugston (formerly known as Chris Clugston).
He created perhaps the most hyper-effective self-defense system ever
called: “Comhrac Bas”.


Aside from being a professional bouncer and trainer, Christophe Clugston, fought professionally for over 8 years (twice as long the average pro)… becoming one of the world’s most accomplished fighters! (He was Number One World Rated in Shoot Boxing for 1991-1992… American Kickboxing Colorado Champ for 2 years… as well as Maximum Total Light Heavy Champ, despite fighting in a higher weight class!).

He has been a student of martial arts all of his life, in fact by the age of 20 he had already earned five black belts in five different martial arts. Chris went to the trouble of learning 7 different languages so that he could travel the world in search of the “Holy Grail” of fighting styles.

He also won over 50 vicious, no-rules streetfights during this time. This is how he realized how stupid it is to master any martial art style that has rules (no kicking in boxing, no strangling in wrestling, no head-punches in karate… and ridiculous time-limits in all of them!). The real world of streetfighting has no rules!

Christopher believes that even the most brutal-looking “official” fighting systems can actually get you killed in the street… and the “confidence” you get from years of dedication to any formal training… Is A Total Sham!

Christopher created an entirely NEW fighting system… one that took the simplest moves of the best styles… and “blended” them with the scientific insights of the last few years to make…

Here’s a few pictures that Virtuwul took when he trained with him…


Christophe Clugston is beating, oh I mean training, Virtuwul…


This is a student actually doing one of the nervous system drills.


This is a devastating move called “The Crush”.


This is Christophe a few minutes before a recent Muay Thai fight.
You can see in his eyes that he’s entered the “obliteration zone”.

Here’s where you can go buy his system if you’re interested:

Virtuwul recommends starting with Combat JKD (that’s the series
that you’ll see the nervous system drills)… and then move on to:
Comhrac Bas. This is even more mindblowing.

Keep on learning!
Claude Johnson

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