Arpeggios, part III, plus why I desperately need a new computer

Hey friends and guitar allies…

It’s Claude J. back again with another arpeggio mini-lesson.  

Before I get started with that though, I have some exciting news… I did get my video camera finally
so hopefully I will have some video lessons for you soon.  Actually now the problem is with my computer.
I just ordered a new one because the old one is several years old and is on its last legs.    It kept powering
down by itself because of overheating.  I actually had to get a small room fan to blow cool air on it so
I could work at all!   This has GOT to be the most pathetic computer ever, lol…

Words don’t describe it, so I took a pic for you:

Anyway, DON’T WORRY… lol…Like I said I’m getting a new machine.  I just need to go pick it up.

Ok, onto our lesson.

Today let’s take a look at moving an arpeggio through a few positions.  We will go up the A major arpeggio,
down… and then up again.  Each time, we will be shifting positions by sliding up the neck.

Here’s the example:

This lick will help us do the following:

1. Learn some cool arpeggio shapes
2. Help us connect the fretboard in our minds
3. Show us how we can start “getting around the neck” with arpeggios
4. Prepare us for more advanced licks

After the first few notes, we are hammering on with our pinky on the high E string, then sliding to the 12th fret, then pulling off back to the 9th fret.  Again, on the A string, we are sliding with our pinky. 

If you’re not used to these kinds of shapes, it may seem weird but just use your common sense.
On the last phrase at the 14th fret, you’re just barring by laying your ring finger flat on the fretboard.

Try this lick in a few different keys and have fun!

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