3 Note Per String Pentatonics with Repeated Notes

  Hey guitar guys and gals…   Claudio “Guitar” Johnsonater here back again… Comin atcha with another installment of my blog mini lessons.   Today I want to talk about 3-note-per-string pentatonic patterns. One interesting thing about them is that if you play 3 notes on 1 string in the pentatonic scale, and then go to the next higher string and start on the same fret, you’re going to be repeating a note.   This used to kinda annoy/baffle me, lol…   I mean the patterns seemed physically cool to play but why would I want to learn runs that repeated notes?   But then I thought about it and I realized how musical it can be to repeat a note.   This kind of gave me a new way to look at these licks.   For example, in E pentatonic, we could play on the D string and repeat every note sliding up like this:   Now lets extrapolate this musical idea to the 3-note-per-string pentatonic patterns and Viola… We can create something like this:   Hope that made a tiny bit of sense 🙂   Now if this lesson was too easy or too advanced, (or even just right, lol) check out our many fine guitar courses and products!

3 Note Pentatonic Lick Guitar Lessons

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