How to Play 3 Note Per String Pentatonic Lick With Guitar Shred

Hey, how’s it going this is Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, we will talk about some pentatonic licks. I want to get into some three note four string stuff because I like to explore and figure out some flashy stuff. Usually we stick up with two notes any string which are great, we love playing that stuff but sometimes we want to get a little bit flashy here.

3 Note Per String Pentatonic Lick - Shred Guitar Lesson

3 Note Per String Pentatonic Lick – Shred Guitar Lesson

So we’re going three notes of straight, let’s go to the Key of G and we’re going to hit this high G here so if you play this, and you’re going to start up here, they’re going to go one note down. So it’s et with a binky, 15th that’s a route with the ring fit with the middle finger and then 13th of the first finger. Will descend six notes, so we get to the next string or pinky goes shifts all the way here to the 15th and then 13th and 11th, so these six notes then we go to the B string.

Let’s do a little back and forth on this lick and now let’s take it a step further we’ll go back and forth again and go to the next string. You can check the link in the video description of the tabs you can keep going down for work. Also if you’re interested in learning a lot more ideas that I have feel free to check out my course “Supercharged Soul” and “Made Simple” shared a lot more killer ideas that are not that hard to do, to give you some of that cool flashy leads. So make sure you subscribe on our YouTube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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