Easy Way To Play Shred Guitar Licks W/ Tapping

Welcome back! Today I wanna share with you some great shred guitar licks. What I’m about to show you is a technique that I use a lot when I feel like going for crazy fast chops. It’s a very easy way to play any line at a relatively fast speed. What I’m talking about is “tapping”. But we are gonna use it in a really cool way. For the first example I’m using the E minor pentatonic scale:


The idea of this is to use no more than 3 notes per string and then you move to the next string. Often times the last note you use on one string, is the first note you tap on the next string; this creates a really nice effect, because you are repeating the same note. In the example above, you tap the 17th fret and pulloff to the 15th fret and to the 12th fret. Then you tap the 17th fret but on the 2nd string which happens to be the same note as the 12th fret ( E ). This double note pattern sounds really cool when played up to speed. Let’s check out another example:


In the example above the pattern only uses 2 strings and then repeats itself starting from a different note, but again there’s a note repetition happening at the end of each string. One thing to have in mind when practicing these crazy licks is to be as clean as possible, muting unwanted string with your right and left hand. Also, you can use your middle right-hand finger to tap the strings or alternate with the middle, ring and pinky. These are just 2 examples I showed you, but you can totally do this with any scale and it’s gonna sound awesome. For example, you could skip strings! that would be interesting you know? Play 3 notes on the 1st string and then jump the to 3rd string and then to the 2nd string and to the 4th string. I mean there are so many ways to practice it.

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed this article and please remember to check out more stuff at:


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