How To Play Shred Guitar Licks Using Different Techniques

Welcome back! Today I wanna share some tips on how to play shred guitars.

There are many ways to shred on guitar; different techniques and different scales. When I was starting out there was one technique that actually caught my attention and it was Tapping. Tapping is a technique that can easily be used for shredding; it’s not hard at all to master and you can get faster speeds with little to no effort.

A great way to use tapping is to play something in 2 strings and then repeat it an octave lower or higher and so on. Let’s check out an example:


Pretty awesome, right? Some people like to tap with their middle finger only, while some other people like to alternate between the ring finger and the middle finger. There’s really no right way to play tapping, it is whatever feels good to you. What I do suggest for the lick above is to move your hand all at once when changing into a new octave, as opposed to progressively moving your fingers.

Let’s check out a new lick:


This one is a bit harder because you will have to pick inside 2 strings. We usually prefer to pick on the outside of a string because it’s easier and more natural, but this is a great way to strengthen your alternate picking technique. Another way of play this lick is with legato. You can pull-off any part of the lick you want and it will sound great as well; it won’t sound as plucky as with alternate picking, but it will still be great.

The last lick I wanna show you is my favorite one. As all of the licks I’ve been showing you, it uses the pentatonic scale. The idea of this lick is to play a 4-note phrase and move your hand to play another 4-note scale. It might be hard at the beginning but you can totally master it with practice. I would say, see it as separate 4-note phrases. Learn the fingering for each of them and then you’ll be good to go. Let’s check it out:


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