How to Play Guitar Lick with Octaves in the Style of George Benson

Hey, how’s it going this is Jon McLennan with Guitar Control, I want to show you a great George Benson style octave lick that utilizes the blues
and it’s pretty funky.

Guitar Lick with Octaves in the Style of George Benson - Lead Guitar Lesson

We’re playing this off a D7 chord and here’s a good voicing or a D9 here.
I’ve got 9th fret, 10th fret, 9th fret, 10th fret. You can even put the thumb in
there if you want. Here’s the lick starting on the 7th fret make an octave. Remember, an octave is the same note, just eight tones higher.

You’ve got to learn to deaden all the other strings. Work on your muting.

I’m playing this with the thumb. So if I count where my first finger is, I’m on the 7th fret, 9th fret, 12th fret. And then I’m going just a typical blues lick, like. That’s a real typical sound, everybody plays that lick and stuff like that.
But now I’m harmonizing it in octaves. Pretty hip.

Then I jump down to the root and then root, which is 12th fret and then 10th, 11th with my first finger, 12th fret. Again, flat 3rd, resolving to the major. You’re going to have this chord.

Starting on one and then all the rest are 8th notes. Again. Love it.

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