Guitar Lick with Interval of 5ths in the Style of George Benson

Guitar Lick with Interval of 5ths in the Style of George Benson -- Jazz Guitar Lesson

How’s it going, guys? This is John McClennan
here with, bringing you this
video lesson. We just looked at a George Benson
style octave lick and just a real funky, earthy
blues lick that sounded like this. Now I’m going
to show you another George Benson trick which is,
instead of just playing the octave like
a la tons of jazz players and of course
the great Wes Montgomery, George will put
another note in between and make it
like a 5th in here.

So instead of just the octave being 7th
fret and 10th fret, you put your 3rd finger
in there and you get a full chord. This is like…
Almost like a power chord but on the
higher strings, for you rock players.

Here, taking that same lick, instead of
what was this, now we’ve got the
middle note in there. So check it out on.
On this string it’s going
to be 10th fret, 11th fret, 13th fret.
And then, of course, that goes up chromatically.
Then back to this shape. All over your D7,
sort of bluesy feeling. One more time, slowly,
starting on the and of one. Be sure to click
the link below for the tab for this. Again,
could have been cleaner.

George Benson, check it out. Click the link.
We’ll see you in the next video.


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