Easy Melodic Lick with Legato on Guitar

Check out this Easy Guitar Lick with Legato – Lead Guitar Lesson on Melodic Licks from Guitar Control founder and instructor Claude Johnson.

Easy Guitar Lick with Legato - Lead Guitar Lesson on Melodic Licks


Easy Guitar Lick with Legato – Lead Guitar Lesson on Melodic LicksMelodic Lick Ideas

Hey Claude Johnson here with GuitarControl.com and I got a real fast mini lesson for you. Here’s a little melodic idea that you can use to create your own licks. It’s kind of a mini lick in of itself and it goes like this… I’ll go over them in just a second, but just to give you some examples of where you can go with that to create your own licks… something like that… So what we’re doing here, the lick is like this…  So we go up four notes, that’s G string seventh fret and 9th fret, B string seventh fret and eighth fret and then we stay there on the seventh and eighth fret and do a little triplet hammer-on and pull-off and then back down. So again it’s a springboard into creating some of your own melodic riffs. So check the link in the video description for the tabs and if you’d like to check out my course Killer Guitar Control Secrets just go here. Alright, thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you soon.

Legato Technique

Legato is Italian for “tied together” and in musical terms means that notes are played smoothly and connected with no interval silencing between notes. Legato is achieved on guitar when playing a sequence of notes using hammer on & pull off techniques.

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