Shred Guitar Lesson on Sweep Picking Lick – Cool Sweep Picking Lick in G Minor

Shred Guitar Lesson on Sweep Picking Lick -- Cool Sweep Picking Lick in G Minor

Hey, guys. How’s it going? This is Gaby Soule with and today I want to show you the
sweep picking lick in the key of D minor. So let’s
break it down in pieces and check out how it works.

It starts here in the 1st string at the high E on the
17th fret. It’s a pull-off from the 17th to the 13th
fret. Now, on the 2nd string in the 15th fret, and in
the 3rd string, it’s a pull-off from the 17th to the
14th fret. All together. I’m sweeping the 2nd and 3rd
string upstrokes.

Now you repeat that same pattern again now from the
2nd to the 4th string. That would be like this. That
is pull-off from the 17th fret to the 13th fret of
the 2nd string. Now the 3rd string in the 15th fret
and in the 4th string, a pull-off from the 17th to
the 14th. Now I’m sweeping the 3rd and 4th string
with upstrokes. Up, up. All together so far.

Now I slide my 1st finger to the 12th fret and from
there what I do is this. I play the 12th fret and
the 15th fret of the 4th string with a hammer-on
after I slide. From there I do a hammer-on and now
this is all sweeping again, but this time these are
downstrokes. This is 1st string 14th fret; 2nd string
13th fret; and 1st string 12th fret.

Now what I do is I play a last note here in this
arpeggio which would be in the 15th fret of the 1st
string of the high E and I play it with an upstroke.
What I’m doing here is I do this hammer-on thing on
the 4th string. Now down, down, down and an up here.
Now I do a pull-off. Hammer, down, down, down, up and
pull-off to the 12th fret.

Now I go back to the 2nd string and the 13th fret.
Again, on the 3rd string it’s a pull-off again from
the 14th to the 12th. Now, from the 2nd to the 4th
string there’s an arpeggio again. This time it goes
from the 15th to the 12th to the 11th fret and pull-off.
Third string now in the 14th fret and 4th string from
the 15th to the 12th fret.

This arpeggio, I played those five notes. I play them
descending first and ascending, again, and one last
time just ending. So it goes descending, ascending
and descending again. Descending, ascending and
descending again and the last note is here.
I end it with a C.

So thank you very much. That is the lick. I hope you
liked it and remember that you can get the tabs by
clicking in the video description below. Thank you
very much for watching and I’ll see you next time.


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