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I embrace the drama of life.

Sometimes things are fantabulous and
other times, not so much, lol…

At least if there’s drama goin on,
there’s never a dull moment.

Recently I was “accused” of being
an “outrageous” guitar teacher.

But actually, it turns out that
outrageous is a good thing these days.
Funny how that works.

And ironically, it wasn’t my wild, weird,
wacky videos that got me the outrageous
label this time.

It was my 365 day guarantee that I offer
on our DVD products.

Yeah, you might not realize it, but all of
our DVD products come with a whopping
1 year guarantee.

That means you can order anything from me,
and if it doesn’t meet your high expectations,
you can send it back and get a refund.

And you have a whole year to decide.

Now that I think about it, I guess it is
pretty outrageous.

So call me nuts. I just think the best
way for me to convince you to try out our
company is to go “over the top”… you
know what I’m sayin?


Enough about that.

Someone commented recently on my blog that
I don’t share enough with y’all about my
personal life.

I thought I was, lol…

So I thought I’d just mention what I’m up
to recently.

I’m actually in San Francisco right now
filming a new set of guitar DVDs with
one of the nation’s top studio pros.

This cat has played with legends like Sting.
He’s actually doing a show next month with

(Heavy, I know!)

And he’s got a world of guitar secrets that
I’m capturing on tape FOR YOU!

More will be revealed on that.

I’m also bringing back Mr. Sol Philcox
the British guitar prodigy for some
DVDs next month.

He already made some outrageous
(remember outrageous = awesome, lol)
videos for us on how to play
in the chicken pickin style.

This time he’s gonna be doing something
different, as he is a man of many styles.
You will love it.

And we also recently shot a few products
in the “heavier” vein of guitar music –
heavy rock and heavy metal.

If you like the heavy stuff, make sure
to get on our “heavy guitar hot list”

And I myself have also spent some time
recently in front of the camera, but
that’s a story for another day.

Plus we have more sites coming out
soon as additions to our Guitar God Club.

It’s really too much to tell you about
all in one email, but I’ll give you more
details soon, you can be sure…

Anyway, my philosophical tip of the day,
is don’t be afraid to be outrageous.

It works for me, lol…

Enjoy the drama of the day, get outrageous, and rock on!

Claude J.

P.S. here’s a list of all our guitar products.
Pick the most outrageous one you can. I’d
be happy to send you a copy immediately, and
of course, they all come with my outrageous
365 day guarantee… 🙂

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