Gift from Dan Aykroyd to me, and me to you…

Hi Friend,

Ok, so I’m still waiting on my wedding
pics… but…

I want to tell you about a VERY special
gift I got from one of my heroes.

I’ve been a Dan Aykroyd fan ever since
I was a kid – watching “Trading Places”
with me and my brother…

I had it recorded from TV on VCR, and
we watched it over and over… good times!

Now it turns out that these days Mr. Aykroyd is
involved in creating and promoting
an award-winning quadruple distilled, triple
filtered vodka that comes in a crystal bottle
in the shape of a skull.

It’s called “Crystal Head Vodka”.

To make a long story short, a friend
of mine works with the PA liquor board and
was able to get Dan to sign one of these
“bottles” personally to me and
my wife Olga for a wedding gift.

Since the skull fits right in with the Halloween season,
I thought today would be a perfect day for
show and tell… I put a picture of it on my blog 🙂

Thanks Dan, you da man!

And in the spirit of gift giving,
I thought I would also give you a
special halloween gift — a $50 coupon
toward the “Ultimate Guitar Control Secrets”

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More goodies to follow in the days ahead as always!

Claude Johnson


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