Easy Bebop Lick On Jazz Guitar C. Parker Style

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here´s another cool bebop lick from Jon!

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Hey, how’s it going everybody?
My name is John McClennan and I’m here
with guitarcontrol.com. What we’re going
to look at in today’s lesson is a little
Charlie Parker lick. Charlie Parker was
one of the pillars of the bebop era and
I think his playing is just as important
today as ever.

This is one of his licks from “Now’s the Time”,
his recording. And he played this blues lick
in so many solos that it just kind of became
a staple for him.

What we’re going to do is we’re going
to start-out here. By the way, the chord
that this is being played over is an F7,
an F7 blues. So we’re going to start out
on the 10th fret, 10, 10 and then we walk
up chromatically, 8, 9, 10. Keep walking,
11, 12, 13. Back down. And then this is
just total jazz phrasing.

Here what I’m doing is I’m doing the
hammer-pull, or the pull-off and slide
and then I grab that next string with that
same finger. And then 12, 10, 10. And then
you have this little rhythm on the end,
which is just another jazz rhythm.

Again, one of the things I would encourage
you to do is just sing along with it and
just kind of get that inflection and that
phrasing because so much of jazz is all
those little nuances. So practice that
lick over an F7 and be sure to click the
link below for the tabs and thanks for
watching Charlie Parker licks 101.

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