Lead Guitar Lesson: Modern lead guitar lick in E minor with arpeggios and string skipping

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Hey, how’s it going? This is John McClennan here
with Guitar Control. I’m bringing you today a
modern-sounding rock guitar lick.

E minor is the chord that you can play this over.
It uses the E minor pentatonic scale and a couple
other things in there. So let’s jump right into it.
Be sure to click the links below for the tab and
we’re going to start here on the 7th fret, 5th fret.
Right away, we’re going to slide up. So starting
with these cool slides. There we end up on E minor.
Again, that whole lick slowly.

Then we’re going to descend pentatonic. So that’s
a cool lick there. When we hook those two segments
together you get a real nice line that has some
good range to it as well. Try and play along with
me really slow. Here we go.

So again, be sure to click the links below and we’ll
see you in the next video. Thanks for watching.

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