How To Use 4-Note Box Patterns On Guitar Licks

Box Pattern Licks

I’m not talking about “box” patterns as in a whole fretboard position — i just mean a little 4 note box that you can repeat and combine in different ways.
I’ll go deeper into this in the next lesson. For now, here’s something to get you started.

Okay, so basically I’m playing an E pentatonic and
I started out here on the 14th fret of the G string.
And I’m just going to go down four notes of the
pentatonic scale. Then we’re going to go to the next
string and do the same thing. So, so far I have this,
an eight-note pattern.

Then I’m going to start the whole thing over one
string down. So I have this. Okay? Then I just end up,
one final note of the octave on the 14th fret of the
D string. So real slow, we have this. And fast, we have this.

So stay tuned because next time I’ll dive deeper into
how to create some of these licks on your own.

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