All About Guitar Playing In One Youtube Channel – Check It Out Now!

What’s goin on guitar fans, Darrin Goodman here with some cool guitar tasties for you. I want to share some cool guitar videos with you from the YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel has well over 1000 videos with everything from mini guitar lessons to killer guitar performances and even some crazy spoof movies to give you a laugh or two. So lets head on over to the channel and check it out. YouTube Channel

First let’s have a look at some of the mini lessons on the channel. Here we have an easy fusion lick in B minor from instructor Billy Crabbe. Billy is based out of London and is a regular performer on there club circuit. Billy graduated in 2013 from Berklee College of Music in MA with a BA in performance.

 Easy Fusion Lick in B minor

Next we have Gaby Soule. Gaby is originally from Argentina, but now hails from Madrid. Gaby has performed with countless artists over the course of his career and has been teaching guitar for over 20 years. Check out this G minor pentatonic lick lesson.

 G Minor Pentatonic Lick

Next, we have George Marios. George is a guitarist, composer and recording artist originally from Greece, but relocated to the UK in 2012. George has studied at the Nemesis Guitar School and Leeds College of Music. George was a finalist in the 2009 Guitar Idol contest and has performed and recorded all around the UK. You can find George performing with his band KODY and giving online guitar lessons through his site. Here is a funk riff in the style of Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder Style Funk Riff

Then we have yours truly. I have been playing and teaching guitar for over 30 years in the good old USA. You can catch me performing with my original project Sonic Prophecy. Here one of my lessons on sweeping triads over Pachelbel’s Cannon in D.

Major and Minor Triads Lesson

And last but not least we have the guy who started it all, Claude Johnson. Claude is a native of Philadelphia PA, began playing guitar in 1990 after being inspired by players like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He is the creator of and has helped 1000’s of people to learn to play the guitar with his critically acclaimed instructional DVD courses, all available at Check out his lesson on the difference between the major and minor pentatonic scale.

Major Vs Minor Pentatonic Scale

That is just a few of the many great instructors on the channel, but there are more things on the channel than just lessons. There are some great performance videos as well as some silly spoof movies such as “Spinal Crap (The Walking Shred).

Spinal Crap (The Walking Shred)

So next time you are looking for some great guitar lessons or just want some good entertainment, head on over to the YouTube channel. YouTube

That’s all for today, don’t forget to practice!

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