12 Days of Xmas + More Claustin Powers

Hi Friend,

WOW… LOTS of stuff going on.

Yes, there is a new episode of Claustin Powers 2
on my blog, but there’s 2 big announcements
I want to make first.

Let me jump right into it.

1. The 12 days of X-mas promotions

December 13 through December 24th, I’ll be
doing what I call the “12 days of Xmas”!

Its where I put on the Santa suit and
dress up as another one of my crazy
alter egos: “Santa” Claude Johnson.

But this year will be a little different
because I’ll be giving you TWO super discount
dealios each day.

One will generally be a promo on DVDs.
Every day will be different — one
day it might be a jazz course, the next
day a blues course, and maybe the next
day an acoustic course.

You’ll just have to tune in each day to see
the “super deal of the day”, but I can
promise you it will be ridiculously low

The second promo will be on gear. Rokstark
guitars, Pigtronix pedals, strings, cables,
and more. Again, you’ll have to tune in
each day to find out what the deal of the day is…

I’ll ALSO be doing the daily videos as
Santa. Every day will be something different.
Some days will be guitar lessons as I’ll
show you a cool lick or trick. Other days I
might do something fun like a trivia contest
where you can win stuff, and other days
might be a total surprise.

So to recap, you’ll get an entertaining
video and 2 special deals on each day 🙂

Next, I want to tell about:

2. The X-mas Guitar Course

This is somethings I’ve done the last 2 years
and I’m doing it again this year because it’s been
a big hit.

I offer a cool online course where I teach
you how to play 10 Christmas songs on the guitar.

Here’s the cool part. It’s only $1 — AND…
I actually donate AND MATCH your dollar to
some worthwhile charities.

So in other words, if 1000 people order for a buck, I make
a $2000 charitable donation.

It’s my way of giving back to the community
at the end of the year.

What are the charities? One is the Salvation
Army, who has been helping those in need
for over a hundred years.

The other is Blue Star Music Camp, which
gives scholarships to kids to attend
a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience.

This course will be available starting on the 13th as well.

3. Finally, as promised, yes there is a new
episode of Claustin Powers 2. It turns out
there is so much killer footage in this movie that
it’s going to be 6 parts instead of 5.

Today’s video is part 4 of 6. The final
2 parts will be released in the next 2 weeks
or so. There are going to be some amazing
special effects and some killer guitar playing
in the final episode, so stay tuned.

Today’s episode (and the 3 preceding it)
are all on my blog:


Enjoy it. Check it out.

And get ready for the 12 days of Xmas!

Claude Johnson

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