Major News for Next Week

Howdy Y’all…


I’m in a “Texas” mood today,
(whatever that means, lol) and
not just cause its Saturday.

Actually it’s because I was in Dallas recently
and I’ve got a cool “Texas blues guitar”
video that I’ll be sharing soon.

That’s NOT the big news for next
week though.

Next week I’ll be making a big announcement
about Guitar Control’s alliance with a “hot gear”

They have some great deals on guitar strings
and some amazing guitar cables with lifetime
guarantees on them.

I’m psyched because the cables I get from the
local store always seem to wear out.

But that’s not all that’s going down next week.

We’ll also be releasing some awesome new jam
tracks. In case you haven’t picked up our
“old” collection of tracks – that’s a great
product too:

And like I said, we’ve got some different
stuff coming out too.

And lastly, we’ll probably have some previews
for you to watch of the new video
“Wicked Chicken Pickin Chops”. This has
been a long time in the making and we’re
getting close to releasing it.

Cool, cool, cool…

The weather is so nice today. It’s gonna
be an awesome weekend.

Take your guitar outside and soak up
some rays and some vibes…

Rock on,


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