2 hot lessons + mystery guitarist — all this week

hi Friend,

There’s 3 super cool things I’m going to
be sharing with you this week…

I wanted to give you the heads up
so you make sure you’re tuned to
the emails.

Ok, here’s what the Johnsonater’s
got cooking up for you this week:

1. A cool somewhat famous mystery guitarist will
be unveiled — but let’s see
if you’re able to identify him!

YOU are also going to be involved
in developing our next product with
this guy, in a way you’d never
suspect in a million years.

2. You’ll get another slick video lesson from
Mr. Gabel showing you how to shift all over
the neck and create some great sounds.

3. I’ll be sending you a video lesson
showing you how to play one of the greatest
blues songs of all time.

Now I want to leave you with some
positive thoughts for the day.

No matter what problems or challenges
you may face, or what goals you
want to achieve, the solutions available
are many times more readily available
than they were in the past.

It’s all online baby…

Whether you want to find romance, make
more money, expand your social cirlce,
evolve spiritually, get help or expertise,
whatever it is… theres SO many resources now.

It’s really just a matter of where to look.

Take advantage! The universe is conspiring
to help yoU!

AMAZING things are now available.

For example, being part of my email list.
I send hundreds of great emails every year,
many of them with free lessons.

I always do my best to keep serving up
awesome guitar learning content and

So thanks for your continued readership.
I won’t let you down!

Stay tuned, because as I said, 3 mega-value
emails are coming this next week.

Your online friend and dedicated guitar instructor,

Claude Johnson

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