5 ways to be happy right now

Hey Friend,

Ok here’s the scoop — I just recorded 5
new guitar video lessons and I was going
to title this email something boring like

“5 new video lessons”…

Then I thought I would be clever and tell
you its really 5 ways to be happy! RAH RAH 🙂

AND THEN i thought… why not really do
an email on 5 ways to be happy… and I could
also tell you about my new lessons too…


Ok, so here we go…


1. Smile.

There is a major link between mind and body.
Yes you can actually change your emotions in
an instant by what you do with your body.

Sounds dumb, but try it.

Go ahead…


Now doesn’t that feel good ? 🙂

2. Call someone

Call your grandma… Call your grandson…

Call someone who you know would be happy
to hear from you.

I always find that getting into the
Christmas spirit (even if its September) lol
and trying to make someone else’s day
a bit brighter always gives me the
warm and fuzzies.

3. Choose to be happy

My friend Hal, who was somewhat of a hippie
to say the least, always used to say this

“Choose to be happy, man…”

I always thought he was nuts. If happiness
was a choice, why wouldn’t everyone choose
to be happy all the time?

But now I see the wisdom in it.

Generally, we’re happy to the extent that we have
what we want. But since getting things takes
a lot of time, its easier to just want less.

If don’t want that much, you’re happy all the time!

I’m not saying throw ambition right out the window,
but you gotta dial it back sometimes.

Do this exercise:

SAY: I’d be happier if BLANK_____ was better.

(Fill in the blank)

and then say:

BLANK_____ is ok right where it is today.

In other words, choose to be happy by not
being unhappy with wanting things to be

Things can never really be different than how
they are in any given moment.

I could go deeper on this but heck, I’m a guitar
teacher, not a motivational speaker, so let’s
move on to guitar stuff.

4. Learn something new on the guitar.

That’s where I can help!

I put up 5 new vids as I was saying…

They’re all on my blog

My Guitar Blog

Some folks REALLY liked my lead guitar for beginners
series, so I put up 2 more of those.

Then, for the intermediate folks, I did a lesson about
phrasing and slides, and also one about “Hammer ons from nowhere”…

And finally, I did a more advanced lesson for you up and coming

Go check it out!

5. Treat yourself

Why not do something nice for YOU!
Gotta take care of numero uno , right?

What better way treat yourself then to buy
one of our DVD courses?

Go check out our fine selection here…
I think you’ll find just the thing you
are looking for:



Till next time…

Your dedicated guitar instructor,

Claude Johnson

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