5 Ways to Make Your Playing (or Noodling) Better

hi Friend,

I want to talk today about “enhanced noodling”
and no I’m not talking about adding soysauce to your


By the way, hope you’re having fun wherever you are.
I’ve been spending time with my fiancee the last
couple days and watching old movies.

Before she makes me take her out to lunch,
I thought I’d send you a quick email about “noodling”.

“Noodling” is when you’re just messing around
on the geetar…you know, just kind of playing

It’s not really serious playing.

But everyone does it just for fun, at least

So how can you make your playing (even your noodling)

here’s 5 ways:

1. Pretend you are playing for an audience.
Even the greats like to noodle. In fact,
I’ve seen Satriani, Santana, and Eddie Van Halen
just kind of “jam out” some licks as a way to kick
things off before they played a single tune at their shows.

You don’t always gotta do this especially if you
are figuring new things out, but the intention
ou bring makes the difference.

2. Pick a key and tempo.

This is also a great tip if you’re jamming
with someone. Having some kind of structure
helps make it more musical, but you can
have a lot of freedom within that.

3. Do it with a metronome or backing track.
This gives you even more structure and makes
you sound even more musical.

4. Strike a chord to set the mood…

If you play a nice sounding chord, it sets the
context for what you play after it. You can
literally play 1 chord and then a thousand notes
after that, and the notes sound better because
you kicked off the vibe in the right way.

For example, try an A minor 9 chord like this:


and then play from B Phrygian (or G major)
with some rhythm to it.

5. Play from the heart

Playing from the heart always is the best
thing to do. Of course, if you know
what you’re doing also on the fretboard,
such as scales and arpeggios, that
helps too. And obviously having good technique
helps you too.

Actually that’s really the 3 components
of “Guitar Control” right there.

If you don’t already have “Killer Guitar
Control Secrets”, it can do wonders
for your playing. I suggest you hook yourself up:


Stay tuned because next email I will share
with you a cool technique I learned
from one of my mentors.

Have a great weekend!

Claude Johnson


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