How To Play A Power Chord With An Electric Guitar

hi Friend,

I got an interesting comment on my blog
this weekend.

Matt writes:

“dude you gotta be kidding me? All this time your emails have
had free lessons in a video? i feel so stupid..i thought you were
trying to just sell me dvd bad and thank you so much”

Yes, I often have free lessons!

That’s what you get for paying attention 🙂

Sometimes it’s advanced stuff, sometimes
its beginner stuff — like today’s lesson
from Jon Maclennan on “Power Chords”.


Of course you can surf around the blog to look at
all the past lessons.

Here’s a great link:


38 pages of awesome guitar goodies…

Of course, we ALSO (ahemmm) do have DVDs for sale as well.

Stay tuned for more!

Claude Johnson

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