New Approach To Playing Guitar Leads and Solos

hey Friend,

I’ve always been about “playing from the heart”.

However, in my new soon-to-be-released course
called Supercharged Soloing Made Simple,
I introduce a totally new approach to
playing leads and solos.

It’s something I call “fluency”.

There’s an interesting paradox because
on the one hand, we want to play
what we hear, and not just do
what our fingers automatically want to do.

But on the other hand, we also need
some automatic muscle memory and
be able to have easily accessible
licks, phrases, and moves under
our fingers.

Check out today’s video– I’ll
explain the new approach and
also give you some sweet new
licks and moves.

Actually you see both of the samples I released so far here:

Rock on!

Claude Johnson


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