Ask the Legend your most burning guitar questions!

Hi Friend,

Wow, this is pretty exciting, even for my standards, lol…

Larry Coryell, modern guitar master, will answer your
most burning questions about anything guitar-related.

I uploaded a new blog post today…

Check it, and post your questions for Larry.

I will be interviewing Larry and (time permitting)
he will answer all your queries 🙂

Oh, also, very important, next week, these DVDs
will go on sale, and there will be free guitars
for the first 3 cats to order… and free strings
and cables for the next 7 people…

Early bird gets the worm!

For now, click over to the blog – and remember – this
is your chance to ask your deepest guitar question
to one of the deepest guitar brains on the planet.

Rock on, Claude

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