Couldn’t believe how good an instructor this guy is


I said to myself: “Holy Flying Squirrels, Batman”…

Seriously, that’s what my brain was thinking
after spending 2 days watching
Sol Philcox sharing his genius.

Honestly, I have never been SO
blown away by a guitar instructor.

And that’s saying a lot… I’ve personally
been on set while we filmed virtuosos…

I’ve been coached personally by mega-legends…


First of all, he’s 19 years old!

I could barely play a simple rock n roll tune
when I was that old.

Let alone know the DEEP HISTORY
of almost every guitar player and every
technique that has ever been taught.

That’s the level of Sol Philcox.

He’s a prodigy… He’s a legend in
the making.

And best of all for you:

His instructions are clear because
his understanding of the guitar is
nothing short of genius.

One guy who won “best guitarist of the year”
12 times, was so blown away that he
flew him to the US to live with him!
(More on that story in the next email).

A lot of guys can play amazing stuff, but
they couldn’t teach it to save their lives.

However, Sol is a different cat.

He’s a GREAT teacher. I keep saying that
because I’m still blown away how he can
break down things that sound complicated
into a simple, easy-to-understand way that
anyone can learn by just watching him on DVD.

The name of his system is:
“Wicked Chicken Picken Chops”

And it has 5 key components.
I’ll share those with you in an upcoming email as well.

For today, please check out the sample video
I posted on the blog.

It’s the first of several sample clips from the
new DVD that’s coming out VERY SOON.

Here it is:

Stay tuned and get ready because this is easily
some of the biggest “nitro rockets” you can add to your
guitar playing ever.

I don’t care what style you’re into:
rock, blues, jazz or country — I think everyone should
integrate these wicked techniques into their style.

More videos coming soon,

Claude Johnson

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