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Hi Friend,

What’s the NEXT cool step for you as
far as playing songs on the guitar?

It’s Acoustic Mastery.

See, playing your favorite tunes
is as simple as learning the
chords, being able to put
them together in progressions,
and then putting putting together
the progressions into a complete
arrangmenet with a few vocals.

I call this the 1-2-3 learning method.

So what’s BEYOND that?

Acoustic mastery, baby.

We’re talking about picking patterns,
transitions, and other cool techniques.

I myself tend to be more into
the lead guitar and soloing aspects
of playing.

That’s why I hired my friend by
the name of Virtuwul to teach you
how to use picking patterns and
these other techniques to sound
great on the acoustic.

That’s what he’s great at.

Here’s a cool post from our
acoustic mastery blog showing
a song called “Become the Stars”.

Go check it out.

And keep this in mind: You can learn it
all… From “Hey hey, my my” and
dozens and dozens of classic tunes,
to Acoustic Mastery, to Killer leads
and solos, to smokin’ blues guitar.

It’s all part of the 12 DVD package,
which we can rush to your doorstep
in days.

Go check Become the Stars:

Feel free to leave us a comment on the blog.
We totally dig that.

And more importantly, grab these DVDs.
It’s not too late to take your guitar playing
to the next level this summer.

Imagine learning some cool tricks and songs
right in front of your TV, and then going
down to the beach, the pool, or your favorite
summer hot spot with your geetar…
and playing some cool vibes.

So dig what we’re serving up here to
get you to the next level of guitar

Songs, sweet acoustic playing, and more…

Now’s the perfect time.

Let your summer light shine,

Claude Johnson

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