Yup — it’s time to GO! GO! GO!

The doors are opening very, very soon
and those 72 “Ultimate Fingerpicking Packages”
are going to fly off the shelves.

Also: if you’re the FIRST to order…
You get a GUITAR!

If you’re the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th
lucky guitarist to order — then you
can choose one of 2 extra mega-cool
guitar course packages.

Don’t miss out — the last thing I want
is you to be so upset that you smash
your guitar in a rage because
you didn’t order on time (just kidding).

AGAIN: hit the page below:

And push the “refresh” button on your browser at:
12:00 (NOON) Eastern Time
11:00 AM Central Time
10:00 AM Mountain Time
9:00 AM Pacific Time


Get ready for fingerpicking mastery,
Claude Johnson

P.S. Again, if you’re quick — you’ll be greatly rewarded with
some sweet gifts. LINK:

If you need to contact us for any reason,
please visit www.guitarcontrolhelp.com

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