Double warm-fuzzy plus 5 new ways to play a chord progression

Hi Friend, I got a killer lesson for you today, but first I have a few announcements! Ok first thing, If you haven’t picked up your copy of the Guitar Control compilation album, now IS the time. Not sure when or if I’ll ever offer this again, but in case you missed it, its 14 killer tunes for a buck. Not just any tunes, they are full of killer guitar playing and they are from our wonderful teachers here. Oh, and all your donations go to charity. You’ll feel good doing a good deed for the day and even better when you groove to these tracks. It’s a double warm fuzzy you need to grab RIGHT NOW! Last chance before it dissapears: Second announcement, bluegrass guitar secrets goes LIVE on Wednesday at 3 PM EST, 2 PM CST, 1 PM MST, 12 NOON PST. First 3 buyers get guitars and there’s other early bird bonuses too. it’s all here: and you can check out a couple of sample vids to see what kind of amazingness will be revealed to you. Grab those tracks I talked about… and then tune in for today’s lesson! *** TODAY’S LESSON Want to breath new life into your playing using the chords you already know? Then check out this nice little guitar lesson that I posted on my blog for you. I’ll show you 5 cool ways you can totally spice up even the most basic chord progression. It is food for thought to say the least! Have a smooth sailing week 🙂 Claude Johnson Some of my courses: Some courses from other teachers: “Virtuwul” “Dylan” Sol Philcox Clay Moore Stefan Grossman Silvio Gazquez Derryl Gabel Jimmy Dillon If you need any help with anything or want to write us for any reason, just head over to

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