Attention Jazz Guitar Fans

Hey Friend,

Have you ever wished you could
play some smooth jazz guitar?

I swear, I just discovered
the sweetest guitar tone
I’ve ever played on.

I’m actually playing
this hollow-body guitar
from a recent jazz guitar video
that we produced.

AND , get this…

I’m actually thinking of
giving this guitar away
to a very lucky cat in
an upcoming promotion
that we’ll be doing here
at Guitar Control.

That’s a little ways down
the road, but for today,
check this out:

Head on over to:

And enter your name and email
to join our special “Jazz Insider List”.

You’ll receive tons of exclusive
videos, reports, articles, and more…

I’ve got some HUGE JAZZ
announcements coming and
you don’t want to miss out.

Also: we’re almost ready to re-release
Virtuoso Guitar Secrets. It’s coming
with some very hot NEW special bonuses.
More on that early next week.

Make sure to play some sweet music this weekend.

Rock on,

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