How To Dominate the Whole Fretboard


In today’s video, Sol shows you what
I consider a “monster lick” that showcases
how you can dominate the fretboard from
top to bottom.

Of course, with the course —
Which makes it easy to learn…

If you’ve been watching the videos on the blog
and think that “Sol is amazing”, well…

We thought that too.

So amazing in fact, that we INSISTED in filming
ANOTHER 3 DVDs worth of his best secrets.

So in addition to the 3-DVD Wicked Chicken Pickin Chops,
we also have a 3-DVD follow up set for you.

It’s called 101 Wicked Chicken Pickin Licks.

There’s some sweet licks inspired by Albert Lee,
Merle Haggard, Jerry Donahue, Brad Paisely, and
other legends plus TONS of other amazing licks.

So, if you’re a Sol Phicox fan — you’re going to LOVE
these 3 other DVDs that give you 101 “plug and play”
tabbed out licks that you can incorporate into your playing
instantly. It’s GREAT stuff.


A lot of you have been asking:
“What’s the price?”

Well, because of the hard economic times
that a lot of us are feeling — I decided to
offer this amazing 3 DVD set for one of
the sweetest launch prices I’ve ever offered!

Yup — it’s going to be UNDER $100…
It won’t be above $90…
And it won’t even be in the $80s…

HOWEVER, this amazing launch price
will be only valid for a few days.

AND — we’re going to give you an
even MORE special price on the
“101 Wicked Chicken Pickin Licks”.

So, if you have any desire to play like Sol
whatsoever — get ready to jump on these
DVDs at:


Wicked Chicken Pickin’ Chops is being
released on June 24th at
NOON eastern (12:00 pm)
11:00 am CST
10:00 am MST
9:00 am PST

The first 3 people are going to get

And the first 20 people are going to
get a free set of strings from my
favorite new strings company…
So the early chicken gets the worms!

Have a rockin week,

Claude Johnson

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