How To Play In Tune Your Guitar The Easier Way

hi Friend,

Playing a rock guitar solo without bending strings
is like going to Hawaii without a bathing suit.

Actually, it’s funny because my grandpa sort
of did that one time… Well, maybe he brought
one but according to my grandma “he was the
only guy on the beach wearing a suit and tie”.
And then he was complaining it was hot.


I know, I’m totally off topic.

We’re talking about STRING BENDING…

For you newbies, the most important thing about
bending strings is to play in tune. An easy
method is to play the fretted note that
you want to bend to, and just compare the
pitches. Eventually your ear and fingers
will get used to it.

I talk a lot about bending strings and playing
by ear in my DVD package:


Now, I know just said “bend in tune”, but
here’s an interesting paradox:

One thing I realized somewhat recently is
that contrary to common belief,
you really DON’T have to be super ultra
precise when it comes to trying to bend in pitch.

I don’t want to get too technical, but fretted
instruments can only approximate what’s
called “equal temperment” — which is a fancy
way of saying equal spacing.

So you’re never in 100% tune anyway.

Plus with the tiny “microtone” differences in pitch,
there really is no wrong or right, as subtle pitch
variations can be a great tool of musical expression.

Now don’t get me wrong — you want to basically bend
in pitch. But you don’t have to try to be a machine.

YES — Sometimes being slightly sharp or flat will
actually sound better, depending on the musical context.

Here’s the bottom line — just trust your ear and
your hands and play what feels good in the moment.

Don’t over think it.

If you over-analyze, you’ll end up killing the feel
just like you would as if you over analyzed any other
aspect of playing.


Be precise…

But then let it all go when you’re wailing.

Music is more of a hearing art and we have
to get out of our left-brain and into the flow…

I also talk about left-brain and right-brain
thinking in Killer Guitar Control.


Anyway that’s all for now… I’ll have another
email coming soon on some bending stuff…

More videos coming…

And I’m working on lesson on amp settings that
everyone’s been requesting.

Claude Johnson

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