Go backstage with guitar legends?

Hi Friend,

I’ve got some whopper announcements to unveil.

First of all, about that Bob Weir autographed
guitar I’ve been blabbing about for the
last month…

Yes, I mentioned we were raffling it away,
so if you already won your tickets, good on you.

If you didn’t, I’m opening it up to everyone
else to get a chance to enter — And we’ll be drawing
the winner next week.

Not only is this a sweet Ovation Celebrity Acoustic,
but its signed by the one-and-only Bob Weir
of the Grateful Dead. We got it through Jimmy
Dillon’s Blue Star charity, and according to Jimmy,
the last one sold for an ungodly sum.

Not that you care about the money.



If you want to enter the drawing, its just a buck.

But here’s the thing…

I want to make it worth your while,
even if you DON’T win!

That’s why I’m also including a 30-day pass
to the Guitar God Club with your raffle ticket.

There’s another reason I’m doing this…

I just launched a new site and I want
to kick it off with a celebration
and a bang!

It’s called…

(drumroll please)


Come “backstage” with us and listen in
as we pick the brains of the guitar legends.

Blues legends like Johnny Winter and Kenny Wayne Shepherd…

Heavy Metal players from bands like Megadeth and King Diamond…

Rockers from classic bands like Heart and Jefferson Airplane….

and more…

Of course, you’ll also get instant access to the thousands of
video lessons and tabs, backing tracks, software, and all
the other great stuff we have in there.

Plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win Bobby’s guitar.

To make this whole thing even cooler, I’m planning to
draw the winning ticket in a LIVE streaming event next week…

If you win, I’ll even personally call you live (like a radio show, lol) to
congratulate you.

So, grab your dollar and join the party.


Stay Groovy,

Claude Johnson

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