Must see video: How to hear chord changes

hi Friend,

One of the most powerful (and least understood)
guitar skills is the art of HEARING CHORD CHANGES.

CRITICAL for learning songs and writing em too…


Ealier this week, I called up my friend Kenny
to see if he had any ideas for what
I could send you for a lesson.

Now, one thing about Kenny is that unlike me,
he’s never had a “real job” (lol)… The only thing
he’s done for the last 30 years is play and
teach guitar.

So, i KNEW he’d have some cool ideas.

I got him to agree to give you a 10 minute lesson on
this really crucial topic (How to hear
chord changes)

And in exchange for this brilliant little lesson,
he wanted me to at least mention his
“Guitar in 60 seconds” course.

I said “sure, if you also agree to take 50%
off for my readers.”

So its a WIN-WIN-WIN.

YOU get a great 10 minute lesson today (no strings

Kenny gets to share his knowledge…

And I get a break from teaching today. NICE 🙂

So check out the lesson:


Never stop playing!

– Claude Johnson

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