My Accident

Hi Friend,

Ok, so get this:

Last week, I’m in my car,
driving on I-76 toward Philly…

Minding my own business…

and WHAM!

Someone crashses into me from behind.

The good news is that there were
no serious injuries. Still, my
back feels a little funky.

Did you know that hundreds of
thousands of people die every
year in auto accidents?

Makes me realize EVERY SINGLE DAY
is a precious gift, because we
can go at any time.

You just never know what can happen.

Anyway, I’m VERY greatful to be
alive and blessed in so many ways.

I hope you take a moment right now
to reflect on all your blessings.

It’s easy to get caught up in our
personal problems, but when you
think how much worse it really
could be, man…

Anyway, I apologize that I didn’t have
time to get a video or a lesson
out to you today.

But next email, I will hook
you up with a sweet video
lesson from one of our other
instructors. I know you’ll enjoy it.

Coming after that…you’ll be getting some awesome
videos that are a preview of a new
course, but they are not just to
promote that new course… Even
the samples are chock full of
valuable nuggets of info and

So stay tuned my friend.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen
this little clip of me playing the
Delta Blues, please go check it out.

Even Stefan Grossman, the foremost
expert on acoustic blues, was digging it
when I showed it to him:


It’s just 90 seconds long… Go watch it!

Have a blessed day,



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