Last Chance for D.D. Blues + Gambale Story

Hi Friend, It’s another day in the life… What’s good today? I want to tell you about a story I heard recently about a great guitarist. I’m talking about a guy named Frank Gambale. One of the greatest guitarists alive. Also known as the “Thunder from Down Under” He’s the guy who practically invented sweep picking. But I heard from a friend of mine that Gambale actually struggled when he first hit the music scene in California. He couldn’t get a major record deal. He was discriminated against. He was actually talking about going back to Australia. But then he got help from other players like Scott Henderson and Steve Vai who really appreciated his playing. He’s been through a lot. And eventually he prevailed to become a universally recognized Guitar God and a commercial success. The end. Now just a disclaimer, I’m hearing this story 2nd hand so I don’t know the accuracy of it, but I have no reason to suspect its not 100% true. I’m telling you this story because if even a great player like Gambale had a tough time, then we should certainly try to not get discouraged during challenging times — be they in our music careers or whatever. Same thing happened to a lot of the old blues cats. They struggled in their careers in the 1920s… but later their genius was appreciated and they were re-recorded in the 1960s. Six of the greatest blues players of that era were: 1. Lightnin Hopkins 2. Mississippi John Hurt 3. Furry Lewis 4. Blind Boy Fuller 5. Big Bill Broonzy 6. Blind Blake Now, we’ve put together a mindblowing package of 6 DVDs and 230 pages of tabs for your learning pleasure. I call it “Deep Delta Blues” But you have to grab it now if you want the discount launch price. Don’t delay: GET YOUR DEEP DELTA BLUES Your dedicated guitar instructor, Claude Johnson ———————————- FULL CATALOG Jimmy Dillon Summer Sale on DVDs Get some Epic Rhythm Guitar Power The ultimate guitar course for beginners who want to play their favorite songs fast. Rule the neck fast with the 3 killer guitar control secrets. Russian nervous system technology triples the speed of your chop building. Learn the 4 big blues secrets and sound like a seasoned blues veteran in a few fun hours. The best selling acoustic guitar course of 2010 and 2011. Add a whole new dimension of tasty guitar chops to your arsenal. Learn all the greatest jazz standards of all times. Need help? Visit us at

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