Perfect thing to do on a snowy day

Hi Friend,

Wow we sure did get a lot of snow here.
Can’t really go anywhere today, so its
a perfect opportunity to stay indoors
with the guitar.

I hope you’ve been checking out
the “12 days of Christmas” videos
I’ve been uploading…

We got some chicken pickin guitar licks
that I’ve uploaded…. Go check it out:

Yep, learning some new cool guitar stuff
is the best thing you can do on a snowy day 🙂

If you want go deep in the chicken pickin
vibe, then you should grab a copy of
the course now because its going
off the market soon:

Also, don’t forget to pick up your Xmas
guitar course for a buck – that’s another
fun way to spend the day with your guitar:

Rock on!

“Santa” Claude Johnson

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