Sold Out!

Hi Friend,

They’re gone.

It didn’t take long…

Yes, we sold out of the
“Essentials Jazz Blues Wes Montgomery package”.
That happened on Friday.

So that’s the bad news,
if you weren’t fast enough
to grab one.

But there is good news.

First I want to just give you a personal
news from the Claudester… Today I will
be going to visit my dad in the hospital.
He just had knee replacement surgery.

He’s doing well, but it will be a long
recovery so do me a favor and keep
his knee in your thoughts 🙂

Now onto other good news.

Actually 3 points of good
news if you were interested
in learning jazz guitar.

Good news #1. We’re getting
more copies of the Essential
Jazz-Blues Wes Montgomery package.

However, probably just 100 more
copies and these will go fast.

I’ll let you know in about a week
or so when you can order this.

Good news #2. We are coming
out with another jazz course…
This one is from one of the great
modern living legends of jazz guitar.

There’s some unbelievable advanced
techniques in this one that I’ve
never even seen before.

Good news #3. Can you guess?

Yep, ANOTHER jazz course.

But this one is my all time favorite.
It’s actually a course I designed
from scratch.

It’s called the REAL easy jazz course.

It is truly an awesome jazz course
for the complete beginner and goes
over all the important things I
learned from studying first hand
with professional jazz players.

This education cost me literally
thousands of dollars and we’re
going to make sure any aspiring
jazz player can get their hands
on these secrets.

There’s several surprises that
might blow you away when you
see what this course is really
all about.

Stay tuned on all this stuff because
they will all be available shortly.

I personally think its very cool
that we’re offering not one but
several jazz courses.

You can pick which one is most
suited to you, try them all,
or try some of our other products
and courses.

One of our best selling products
that goes well with ANY style
is the guitar scale system software.

No matter what you play, its always
important to learn your scales.

Anyway, I gotta do a few things
here so I will catch you on the
flip side.

Have a great weekend,

Claude Johnson

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