5 pieces of guitar news

hi Friend,

There’s some exciting stuff comin.

And lots of it…

Yes my friend, I’d like to give you
an update on “what we’re up to”
here at Guitar Control.

1. First of all, yes its been a long
time coming but we’re only a week
or two away from…

Putting the “Wicked Chicken Picken Chops” DVD into

We’re talking about Sol Philcox, the boy wonder
who take a telecaster and turn it into a terrorizing
twang tool.

Try saying that 3 times fast 🙂

Here’s another youtube of him, this one
is just audio:


He not only holds his own with the great
Brent Mason, but in my opinion, is more
interesting to listen to.

Go check that one out and stay tuned
for more details.

2. We also have a few jazz products
coming out very soon. One could
be ready next week.

Yes our video editor has been extremely busy.

Anyway, I won’t be sending that many emails
about it, so if you’re into jazz,
I suggest getting on the “jazz hot list”
so I can let you know about those.


I’m long overdue to put out some jazz
stuff and I promise its coming 🙂

3. We’ve got som huge alliances
coming soon with some new gear

If you need new strings or cables,
sit tight for about a week
because we’ve got some treats for you,
including some gear thats guaranteed
to last for life.

4. We’ve also got a “surprise” deal
for you , perhaps in about a month.

Virtuwul calls this the “biggest
no brainer deal ever”.

Basically, its a type of insider
guitar club. You’ll enjoy hearing about it.

5. In case you missed it, our resident
Virtuoso player, Silvio Gazquez made
it to the Guitar Idol finals for
the second year in a row.

We’re celebrating by putting his Virtuoso
Guitar Secrets course on sale.

You can see the sale page and also
the song that he won with here.

Check it out: https://guitarcontrol.net/gc-preview/gcblog4/ordering/vgs-promo.php

All the proceeds go to help pay for Silvio’s
trip to London 🙂

Well, that’s all I got for NOW.

But you know i’m always cooking up
cool new stuff, so you can bet
I’ll let you know about it ;)’

What else?

I dunno… But the weather’s finally getting warm again,
so enjoy it. I know I will.

Peace out,

Claude Johnson

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