Strumming lesson, silly stuff, and more…

hi Friend,

I promised the beginners a strumming lesson
and a strumming lesson they shall get!

It’s on my blog, but if you’re NOT a beginner,
don’t worry because there’s tons of other cool stuff
on my blog.

Check it out – heck, you might even
teach ME a thing or two.

Like when I posted about the Star Spangled
Banner, some folks were posting comments
revealing some cool ideas about modes that I learned from.

So thanks for that!

It’s all about helping each other – we
are always the student and the teacher
at the same time, as I like to say.

Anyway, on my blog you will find dozens
of posts, including the latest beginner
strumming video.

The other blog posts are neatly organized
into categories on the right side.

You can click on stuff like “guitar secrets”,
“lead guitar ideas”, or even “silly stuff”.

Check it out:

P.S. Here’s a nice comment I got the other day about
my “How to Play Smokin’ Blues” guitar course:

“I also own your excellent DVD on how to
play Smokin Blues. You packed a lot of
value into that Blues dvd ! In truth, I
got sidetracked after the first disc
(which I liked a lot), but that still
leaves me two more to go !” – Rory C.

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