How (NOT) to deal with criticism

Hi Friend,

I just read a funny (but true) article about
how a street musician got upset when some
guy criticized his guitar playing.

Apparently, he then proceeded to bash
his critic (literally) over the head
with his guitar, and ended up in jail.

Now, I know YOU’RE not THAT foolish
that you would risk *damaging your guitar*
by hitting someone over the head with it…


(rolls my eyes)

But still, dealing with criticism is something
every guitarist has to deal with.

I get bashed too.

Heck, I’ve seen the best of the best get

Here’s a few funny things I’ve heard:

“Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert couldn’t play
a blues lick to save their life.”

“Clapton sounds like a hack. He’s so overrated.”

“Edward Van Has-Been.”

I just have to shake my head…

Here’s the thing – most of these self-appointed
critics are either jealous losers, ignoramuses,
haters, or egomaniacs.

The really good players that I’ve met or talked to,
always seem to encourage, rather than criticize. We are all
on an endless journey – just at different
points on that journey.

Most of that “hating” energy you see comes from people
who are lacking discipline themselves to become
a good player.

And there is a lot of it out there. Especially on Youtube.
Why? It goes back to the self-appointed critic vibe.
Youtube gives people a chance to do just that — be the critic.

People “get off” on spouting their opinions. Some people
even become addicted to arguments for hours a day on
forum boards, Youtube, or whatever.

Go look at any Youtube video of a great guitarist. You’ll
nearly always find those comments where you’ll see fights
about “who is better”.

Don’t get sucked into that game, man…

It’s just ridiculous. Seriously, the guys who are out there practicing
and getting better aren’t the same guys who are getting into
fights about who’s a better guitar player.

Don’t let the haters poison your mind with their

Here’s how to deal with criticism: Listen to it
with an open mind, and realize where you can improve.
At the same time — be discerning and realize when
people are just being negative.

Forget the nay-sayers. Stay focused
on your dreams and goals. Channel your energy
into positive actions like practicing.

That’s my rant for the day.

I’ll have a cool guitar lesson for you in a few
days , so in the meantime keep rocking!

Claude Johnson

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