The SECOND cat is out of the bag…

Hi Friend,

I hope you had a good weekend.

Weekends can be an adventure sometimes,
can’t they?

Well most of this weekend, the Claudester was cooking
up something special for you.

You see, last week I let the first cat out
of the bag.

Remember, that little “mysteryman” contest?

The “cat” ended up being Marty Friedman 🙂

Then I told you that I’d be giving away
115 copies and I’d be revealing how
on Monday.

Hey that’s today!

So, now that Marty’s out of the bag,
its time to unleash the second cat,
which is my new special offer.

Go check it out:

Remember, this is one of the fastest ways
to break out of a guitar rut.

Have a great week,

Claude Johnson

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