3 Whammies

Hi Friend,

I got 3 hot whammies for you:

1. There’s a new rhythm guitar king in town
and his name is Jack Frost.

I’ll show you a video in the next email.
He’s a wicked player with many words of wisdom.

2. Have you ever wanted to learn
how to play keyboards or piano?

Meet Ozzie Ahlers.

He toured with Jerry Garcia,
was produced by none other
than Jimi Hendrix in the Electric
Lady studios, and even made the music for Gumby.

Check it out:

Killer Keyboards Made Simple

3. My friend Glenn just released a
new guitar course that definitely gets 2 fat thumbs
up from the Johnsonator. I’ll send you some
info soon…

Stay tuned for more,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Sometimes life throws curveballs at you.
This can cause suffering. Why? Because
as animals we are hard wired to react to our
environment. We will know we have become
wise when we no longer react emotionally
to the rocking of the boat on the voyage
of life. I’m definitely not that wise yet, but
working on it 🙂

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