Epic Rhythm Guitar Power!

We have a new course coming soon called “Epic Rhythm Guitar Power”.

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All I can say is rhythm is pretty much a part
of your life, it should be. If you’re going to
play guitar, do me a favor, a lot of kids today,
no disrespect, all they care about is sweeping.

You know what?

irst of all, pick up a broom; sweep your house.
Let’s talk about rhythm. Rhythm is the base of
every single part you play. You build a house;
you build a platform for the house.

You play a rhythm. Use your right hand.
It’s your best friend.

If you can make your rhythm drive, again, like
I said, nothing — no disrespect to the ’80s guys,
a lot of those records, there was no rhythm. If
it wasn’t for the bass and drums, I wouldn’t know
where rhythm started or it began.

Eddie Van Halen was one of the best guys to play
open chords and play rhythms. Randy Rhoads came
out of nowhere and just showed rhythms; rhythms;
rhythms; rhythms. Gary Moore, rhythms. I keep
saying it over and over again. You know, listen
to Neil Schon.

Listen to how he strikes his rhythms. A lot of
new guys on the scene, Doug Aldrich played in Dio;
he’s in White Snake now. That guy has an amazing
right hand. Before he solos or anything, he makes
sure his rhythms just say everything.

He used to be able in three chords and your right
hand, be able to write 50-million songs. Just take
your time and the bottom line is, learn your basic
chords: your power chords, your barre chords, and
learn a lot of open chords, because you want to be
able to get a gig where, wow, this guy can play
anything. He can play country, he can play rock,
he can play blues.

Just take your time. Practice, practice, practice.

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