Easy Bluegrass Guitar Lessons | Was a Time

Here’s another sample from the DVDs where Miz is showing one of his songs called “Was a Time”.

In this lesson we’re going to first dissect one
of my more popular songs, called “Was a Time”.

People have been asking me for years, how do
you play it? Is there another guitar player
backing you on that track?

When I play it live other guitar players will
come up to me and just kind of like in this
baffled way look at me and ask me how I’m playing it.

What I really want to do in this lesson is kind of
break it down really slow for you guys and really
show you how. It’s not that hard, and how by using
the basic techniques that we used in the first two
discs, we could apply them and create a really fast,
peppy-sounding, fun-sounding bluegrass song.

Then we’re going to move on after “Was a Time” and
we’re going to look at taking things out a little bit.
We’re going to look at harmonic minor scales and we’re
going to get into some augmented runs and we’re going
to also look into some different picking techniques.

Now, to come out of that, this is going to go right
along with what we talked about before, the 6ths,
these 6th movements, which I really love. It’s going
to start on the A. So coming out, it’s going to go…
right up the 6th movement that we talked about in
the previous lesson.

You’re going to let that G string there open, let
it ring open and kind of let that whole thing have
that nice, jangle-y open sound.

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