the ultimate painkiller

hey Friend,

I’ve got a nugget of wisdom that
can change your life.

First, lets start with the guitar

Today’s video lesson is from the
Argentinian legend and 2 time
guitar idol finalist, Mr. Silvio

He’s teaching us the riff from
Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” tune.


Which is the perfect theme for
what I wanted to share with
you anyway.

I mentioned a couple days ago
I’ve been learning about the
law of attraction and manifestation.

“What we hold in mind tends to manifest”

Most of our pain in life is mental pain.
Worry, doubt, fear, anger, etc.

I used to just assume (like most people)
that I didn’t really have control over how I was feeling.

But, how we feel about something is a result
of the context and how we are holding something
in mind.

And when I realized that feeling bad was
causing more bad stuff to manifest in my
life, I felt like I HAD to change my

Necessity is the mother of invention.

So, upon realizing that I NEEDED to change
my thinking in order to avoid creating more
negative reults, I started being able to
do that.

My process is simple: Identify what I’m
feeling bad about… then ask myself,
is there a more empowering way to contextualize
this situation so that I don’t feel bad? …or
at least as bad… and if i’m not able to do
that, then i simply try to switch the channel
in my mind and think about something else.

You ARE in control of your thoughts.
And that’s the ultimate painkiller.

Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

One great way to take your mind off your troubles
is to start playing guitar 🙂 Or pop in one
of the Guitar Control DVDs.

That reminds me, Jimmy Dillon comes out with his
new blues course in 17 days.

Speaking of Jimmy Dillon, enlightened secrets, and
feeling joy and excitement, check out this:


Talk soon,

Claude Johnson


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